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We build web-based systems, APIs, frontends and backends – plus advise on infrastructure and hosting.

Software and apps can empower your business with cutting-edge technology, startling efficiency and innovative solutions.

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Upgrade your processes

If your organisation is at risk of stalling under the weight of defunct processes and legacy data systems, it’s time to consider upgrading.

Discover Free Thinking Design’s intelligent digital solutions. We have experience in developing a wide variety of bespoke applications.

What software do we build?

Real-time ticket systems

Rely on us to build you systems that provide instant communications between your web application and customers. This can include everything from telecoms, support desks, monitoring applications and more.

Workflow management

Whatever sector of business you’re in, we can help with your workflow management to make efficiency savings - whether it’s for business operations, payroll, invoicing, personnel management and many more applications.

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Client portals

Our online solutions allow customers and clients insight into their data: providing feedback, statistics or useful resources in private, secure and protected areas online.

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Are you looking for someone to fulfil your web-to-print needs? We can build systems that take orders online, then convert them into suitable formats for printing. This includes file transfers, imposition and delivery.

Web applications

If you want to create software for your business - whether it’s API integration, online shopping platforms, email services, productivity tools, and more - we can assist with a variety of functionalities and services.

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Warehouse management

We have extensive experience in creating efficient web-based systems that help take stock and inventory, manage products or handle returns. See how we can support your project.

What do we offer?



We work to solve problems and develop customised solutions; all designed to save you time and money.


No-nonsense advice

We may be developers, but we can talk in your language. We'll engage with you and give you honest feedback and pragmatic choices at every step of the journey.


Custom business solutions

Our talented developers can create customised software functionality and applications to streamline your business processes and drive growth through automation.


Centralised data streams

Perhaps you are struggling to centralise data streams within a growing business? We can help with API development or systems integration to consolidate that information.


Unrivalled user experiences

We combine industry-leading web technologies with exceptional user experience.


Security at the heart

We implement the latest security measures to protect your online assets and customer data, giving you peace of mind.


Save time and money

We’ll evaluate your existing assets and workflows before designing a custom cloud system, using open source tools, which will save you time and help shrink your overheads.


Growth and efficiency

Bespoke solutions built in Symfony or React help our clients upgrade their processes for improved operational efficiency and significant growth.

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