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A high-altitude and creative digital fundraising solution for this UK-based charity

We worked with Shine, the Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus charity, to build an online fundraising platform and raise much needed revenue for the charity – built using Symfony and some clever real-time weather and mapping data, we delivered a unique and innovative solution…

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Project Features

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Bespoke charity platform

We love working with charities to come up with innovative ways to help them raise funds - and this Virtual Balloon Race was a great project to work on!

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Customise your balloon

This project was great - balloon dogs, fabric patterns and graphs galore - all with the aim to make a fun experience for balloon sponsors.

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Mapping data

Weather-adjusted balloon progress shown on maps, with the ability to drill down and discover the stats behind an individual balloon

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Real-time weather data

Real-time weather data affects the progression, direction and speed of race balloons

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Social boost

Using social media, users can "boost" their balloons to try and win

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Realtime tracking

Racers can log in and see realtime tracking of their balloons and past race data

Ongoing support and advice has been on point

  • Very keen and willing to build to the spec required to enable Shine, a local charity, to enhance our donor experience and ongoing support and advice has been on point.

    Asif Shaheed - Shine

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