Centralised Data Solutions

Our work with businesses solves problems and develops custom solutions designed to save time and money. For example, real-time management information becomes available for instant reporting, for example, and data held in various systems can be migrated to a single source with secure, group-wide access.

We’ll interrogate your existing assets and workflows before designing a custom cloud system using open source (non-licenced) tools to shrink your overheads.

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Why choose Cloud Software?

If your organisation is at risk of stalling under the weight of defunct processes and legacy data systems, it’s time to consider upgrading. Our System Integration solutions streamline complex legacy processes and databases, making data centrally available using web portals, dynamic web apps and responsive dashboards.

Perhaps you are struggling to combine data streams within a growing business. We can help with API development or integration to consolidate that information. Integrating maps, text messaging, email delivery and tracking, sales reports, weather data and DVLA searches are examples of how we’ve helped our clients work smarter.

Custom Application Development

As expert User Interface Designers we lead the way in Cloud Software, unifying disparate workflows and enabling smarter processes. Our innovative and user-friendly Cloud Software Systems help reduce costs and harness sustainable, long-term business efficiencies.

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How we work with you

We start by exploring legacy data, systems and processes, which helps us identify pivotal solutions.

Translating your objectives into transformational systems recommendations comes next, including wireframing presentations to give you the complete picture.

Onto developing and implementing your application, including all data migration, mitigating risk, ensuring system security and thorough testing.

Finally: guiding new users through your Cloud Software System upgrade and offering ongoing support if you require it.

We’ll transform how you work. Are you ready?

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