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Hi, This is just a quick heads up to promote an awesome project that is set to give Peterborough city

Paint Brushes


This is just a quick heads up to promote an awesome project that is set to give Peterborough city centre a much needed facelift over the next couple of months, and more specifically the exhibition at the gallery that is open right now! Firstly the where and whens…

Venue: The City Gallery, Peterborough Museum, Priestgate, Peterborough
Time: 3rd May – 25th May, Tuesday to Sunday 10am-5pm
Price: FREE

Concepts for the new mural, by Jason Duckmanton of Paper Rhino

What’s this all about?

Artists and designers from Peterborough’s own entrepreneurial collectives, Blok Collective (including me, Lee Mason from Free Thinking) and Paper Rhino, have been given the exciting opportunity to re-imagine 1000 square metres of city centre wall space, leading from the train station into the city centre via Cowgate. Within this bold and beautiful contemporary artwork, local folklore, history and characters from the city will combine to create an exciting new tapestry of movement and colour; a fresh and inspiring new gateway for all visitors to our city. The Underpass project offers an opportunity to witness the city’s rich heritage, proudly interpreted in unexpected ways, live on our streets.

The redevelopment will be enriched by a two phase art exhibition in the City Gallery based in Peterborough Museum. Phase one will show how concepts and characters at the heart of the scheme have evolved. Here, local history and artistic imagination combine, take shape and come alive, in pencil, pen and paint. Some of the artists will be in residence at times so you can ask them questions and discover the intriguing processes involved in harvesting a diverse range of historic subject matter and interpreting it into a cohesive whole. The second phase, opening on 17th May, will include brand new original artwork from the team, inspired by the journey taken to create the mural.

The artwork is informed by local history and legends, including Walter Cornelius, a Latvian strong man and daredevil, who raised pots of cash for charity, becoming world sausage eating champion, diving off the town bridge with cardboard wings and pushing double decker buses with his head. Another local superstar featured is George Alcock, who memorised the night sky in order to spot new comets and novae, beating the NASA robot and discovering five new comets and four novae with his eyes. Although awarded an MBE, locally, he is now virtually forgotten.

George Allcock as imagined by Jason of Paper Rhino

Visitors are invited to the City Gallery to view the development stages of the re-design, showing the ideas and processes that have fed into this exciting project. On the 17th May, fresh work will be introduced for a bold second phase. The exhibition will then run until 25th May.