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A creative treatment for a financial adviser with a difference

Canter Holland aren’t traditional, stuffy, financial advisors. They are an experienced team with passion, great values and a friendly approach to investment.

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Demonstrating their success

Canter Holland developed a series of case studies appropriate for their two specialisms – private client and business investment. These case studies follow a similar format in an area of the site that will continue to grow with the business – but, as with all of our WordPress websites, they can use flexible content and layout tools to create an unlimited range of on-brand pages.

Project Features

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Mobile responsive

Optimised for mobile and tablet, to deliver a fast and designed experience for users, built within a bespoke WordPress theme.

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SEO optimised

While new lead generation wasn’t a priority, we still ensure that the site is built to best-practice techniques with the tools to allow for further optimisation.

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Interactive timeline

A unique walk through the ages of investment advice - from Tulip Mania of the 1630’s, to present day investments in property and retail.

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