Why choose custom e-commerce?

We build stable, fast and high-quality e-commerce websites for small to medium businesses using Magento and custom development, whether you are launching a new sales channel or growing your reach.

Our bespoke e-commerce which uses (licence free) open source engineering – primarily Magento – significantly enhance our clients’ brands.

These tools help revive sluggish customer sales and allow start-up businesses the flexibility to devise unique fulfilment processes and use reliable reporting tools on their path to profitability.

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What we offer

Our superior, on-brand e-commerce solutions are confidently built with compliant, responsive mobile-first design – managing hundreds to tens of thousands of products.

Numerous innovative clients, large and small, trust us to implement our bespoke, optimised e-commerce systems and tailored Magento solutions for new custom workflows or improved processes.

Free Thinking clients have benefited from our expertise in data migration and appreciate our smooth upgrade paths. We support clients’ delivery terms and can handle complex custom workflows, including integrations with 3rd party services. You can trust us to implement multi-channel sales via Ebay or Amazon, and for integration of your current systems with external providers.

Your e-commerce system partners

Our experienced team can help unlock your future growth with integrated Magento extensions, such as email for targeted marketing, social media sharing buttons, pop-ups and UX enhancements such as faster checkout or delivery tracking. We work with you to create these powerful custom-built tools for the Magento platform, helping to increase audience traction at all pivotal points in the user experience.

Your e-commerce solution will take shape following a deeply integrative workflow and legacy system review. The solutions and technologies we devise and implement are bespoke, in step with individual e-commerce objectives and extensible to future growth, taking your evolution into consideration.

How we work with you

A deep-diving discovery session to define target market, distribution channels, expectations and data sets.

Bespoke solutions gain structure, as site-mapping, data migration and Magento aspects are developed.

Magento site built – markup structured and metadata configured for SEO. Custom checkout and payment systems integrated.

Launching and supporting your new ecommerce systems, with hosting, backup, monitoring software provision available.

How could creative minds unlock your sales potential?

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