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New Designer joins the Free Thinking team

We’re delighted to announce that the team at Free Thinking has expanded, with newest recruit Jasmine Barnes, who joins us as an experienced web designer bringing UX and creative skills to the business. Find out who she is here…

Glad you could join us – where’ve you been?

I’ve been up north in Leeds for 4 years getting my degree and interning all around Yorkshire working with some big brand clients from around the world.

How did you get started as a designer?

In media at sixth form, we were given the task to design a magazine, and I loved it! I just went with my gut feeling with this not really having any idea what I wanted to do in the future and decided to study this at college having enjoyed it so much.

If you weren’t a designer, what would you be?

I think if I wasn’t a designer I would own my own vegan/veggie café, I think Peterborough is lacking a bit of open-minded cuisine. Oh and who doesn’t love a soy latté!

Who have you been working for recently?

I have been lucky enough to recently work with Nike creating campaigns for their new sports products and events worldwide, and even work with Coca Cola with creating packaging designs for their upcoming products.

What’s you favourite project that you’ve worked on?

My #1 project I’ve ever worked on has to be working with Coca-Cola to redesign a new Sprite label that’s going to be sold around Europe. I like the thought of people around the world having a little piece of my work

If given the chance to redesign anything, what would you redesign?

Woah, big question… I think I’d like to re-design – (sorry to bore you) the generic banking app! I feel that the UX is soooo boring and samey – let’s jazz it up a bit with multiple saving options and a budget generator …zzz sorry I’ll stop.

What’ve your first two weeks been like at FTD, how’s the team?

My first two weeks at FTD have been great, it’s such a nice environment and everyone is so friendly, I’m really looking forward to grow within the agency!

It’s Friday night, and you’ve cash in your pocket – what are you up to?

I’d hop straight on a plane to Barcelona for a weekend get away, tasty food, amazing people, what more could you want…

If you have any print design, branding or creative web design projects coming up, let Jasmine or Matt know by contacting us today!