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Press release: City companies reap the benefits of doing business face to face in the digital age There’s no doubt

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Press release: City companies reap the benefits of doing business face to face in the digital age

There’s no doubt that the digital age allows companies to do business and deal with customer issues online in a swift and effective way.

However, despite being web-based, two city companies have been reaping the benefits of doing business the traditional way – face to face.

One of the latest UK surveys into business relationships revealed that in the financial sector alone – 76 per cent of company owners would prefer to deal face to face when it came to discussing money matters.

And the same principle has been adopted in Peterborough, with a local collaboration between community safety service Safe Local Trades and creative agency Free Thinking Design.

Safe Local Trades director Eileen Le Voi was searching for a web design agency with the technical expertise to take her own business to the next level – and which has resulted in this month’s official relaunch of the website.

Eileen explained: “Safe Local Trades is a community safety service that protects consumers from cowboy and rogue traders by providing a register of local recommended traders. It therefore made perfect sense that I went with a local agency with a reputation for excellent customer service.

“It is of paramount importance to me that the website is user-friendly for the consumer and optimized for the trader. I wanted to deal in person with a company which understood my business and what I wanted to achieve through the website.

“As Safe Local Trades is a very face to face business, I was actively looking for a local agency who could emulate this with a completely new website – the traffic to which has increased significantly since it went live just a few weeks ago.”

Dan Crack, director at Free Thinking Design, also see the benefits of a traditional approach in a very digital age.

He added: “As a creative agency dealing with complex online services, there are huge benefits in being able to meet regularly. Discussing ideas enables us to rapidly adapt to the evolving requirements and provide innovative solutions which achieve the client’s final vision.

“We approached the technical challenge of re-launching an established online business couple with the bespoke nature of the project by working face to face with Eileen to build a more efficient solution. This is the sort of project we love. To learn a business’ inner workings and then work alongside the client to develop them and leave the business in a better place, is the basis of all the services we offer.”

Eileen added: “The fact that the Free Thinking Design team are both local and approachable meant that I was able to pop in for a coffee and a chat about the website, and I particularly liked this informal approach and much prefer dealing with people face to face – whether through networking or business.”

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