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The Anatomy of our Email Newsletter

So we’ve spent a little time polishing up our latest email (and to be honest, our first in some time!).


So we’ve spent a little time polishing up our latest email (and to be honest, our first in some time!). Creating effective email marketing for our type of business is difficult – we have no product, no offer or event – but we understand that we need to remain on our clients’ radars, and that as a business we have a lot to shout about.

So coming up with our latest email, was a challenge – and we thought we’d share our thoughts with you! It might give you some insight into the decision-making processes behind some of the basics of email marketing.

However, if you don’t feel up to creating your own online marketing emails, then get in touch and we’ll get you going, alongside some extra-special copywriters!

1. Subject line and preview

Some email clients reveal the initial characters of the email, alongside the Subject line, and making these engaging (and not spammy) is a tough call – we opted for “Moving, Magpies and More…”! We don’t know whether we got the wording right, but personalised data (Hey Dan!) and a casual, chatty approach helped us.

2. Hero image and caption

Within a brand identity, colour scheme and 2 column email layout, we chose to lead with what we hoped is a reasonably interesting insight into life at the FTD office.

Lots of our clients know one or two of us (there are 6 of us by the way!), and we’ve always been terrible at cross-promoting our services, so the hero image of this email allowed us to show that we are a team of individuals, with faces (and beards), and not just a voice at the end of an email/phone call.

We like to think that as a local agency we have some character and wanted to get this vibe across. Also – research shows that people just can’t go past a picture caption without reading it – and we wanted to mention our big news of last year when we moved to new, bigger, brighter office space!

3. Headline and subheading

This is a tough one! Especially as in this email we didn’t have a specific message, beyond wanting to engage with existing clients. So, as scruffy creatives, we chose to go a bit generic while being casual and approachable. We’re not fashionistas, or design snobs, and we love nothing more than having frank honest conversations with our clients and their businesses – so we wanted to keep that no-nonsense laid-back approach here.

4. Leading articles and Advice

Our introduction hopefully indicates what an exciting year we had last year – from moving offices, to hiring a new web developer, alongside links through to the relevant areas on our website or blog – as always, the key is to get visitors back to key places on your website – although in our case, we don’t have a hard-sell, or landing pages, but instead choose to indicate our expertise through pages on the site and a visual portfolio.

5. Supplementary articles

We wanted the newsletter to highlight some of the companies and work that we’ve enjoyed recently. Too often we get buried in the next job and we certainly don’t update our website portfolio with everything (I’d say under 10% of our work gets updated here) so this was an opportunity to quickly mention that we work with national charities (Shine) and can create national brands (Web Windows) – indicating that we as a local agency have the experience and skills needed for any size of business.

But our hearts are also with the local arts, culture and environmental scenes – especially Lee who is always involved in the next creative, local enterprise (Magpie). And of course, we don’t take ourselves too seriously – as our latest employee Matt Reedman has probably found out over the last few months.

6. Footer

It’s important to remind your email recipients why they are on your list, and how they can unsubscribe from it. And of course, that we’ve got an online presence across many of the social networks.

We hope that our email hit the spot, and helps us to reconnect with old clients, find some new ones, and engage our audience with some news. If you want to sign up yourself enter your name and email address at the bottom right of the page – we promise we won’t spam you!